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Five things you have to know about enamel pins

In the present time, enamel pins are having a great moment in the market. These metallic pieces can be used as modest jewels, fashion pins and also recognition pins for employees or members of a community. Why are these pins so famous these days? Here are some clues about it

  1. Enamel pins are an economical way of having your personalized jewelry items.

Right now many web pages can help you design your enamel pin and have it confectioned by a manufacturer. This company will create a pin according to your instructions and will deliver it to you. You can have multiple designs and as many pins as you like. Their materials are not expensive, and they can become an original way to enhance your outfits.

  1. These pins are very cute and can convey many messages.

The multiple design options for enamel pins make them a perfect tool for getting messages across. Let’s say you want to support a cause, and you can have a pin in your shirt that relates to it. Many companies that host fundraising events use this strategy. They provide the guests with pins that will let everybody know they attended and contributed.

  1. Pins can be customized even more with stones or plating.

Adding a gemstone to a pin will make it stand on its own among other pins. Since many enamel pins are looked for due to their economic feature, adding a stone is something unusual. The same happens if a gold plating is used to cover the pins. A high-quality pin has just been created. This can be done for special occasions, such as creating a recognition pin for an employee that has been working in the company for ten years. They can have gems with special colors according to the number of years of service.

  1. Hard enamel pins are definitively worth the upgrade

Whereas soft enamel proves to be the best option in term of the budget, hard enamel is definitively the best when it comes to quality. These pins are very durable, and their material allows them to be like this. Besides, these hard enamel pins can come in a different range of colors. The color palette available for hard enamel pins is more attractive than the one for soft enamels.

  1. Pins can contain pictures

The traditional method for enamel pins with thick lines creating the shape of your design is not the only one available. There is also the photo dome method, which allows you to have pictures inserted in the pin. Although they might look very different, it is an option worth considering if your design has too many small details.

What about creating the design yourself?

This is something very common nowadays. The possibility of wearing and trading your enamel pins has opened the door to many people who want to start a business. There is something to be considered if this is the path you want to follow.

  1. Make sure you like your design

A fundamental thing. Once you discover the design or are you, love, you will find making the designs much pleasurable.

  1. Make it simpler

Simple designs look best in enamel pins. Fewer lines, fewer details, these are the key.

  1. Choose your lines correctly

Remember each line is going to be thick and it will separate the colors of your pin. So be careful with inner lines and dark areas in the design.

  1. Choose the material you like the most

Hard or soft enamel, both are good. They serve different purposes, and they also have a different price range. Study them for a while and make an informed decision regarding the pins you want to make.

  1. Have a good manufacturer in mind

There are many options online, in fact, so many options that it can actually be difficult to choose from. There are a few ways you can test the manufacturer before going under contract with them. You can ask for a sample, so as to see if they deliver on time and also to check the quality of the product. You can also look for reviews and comments about the company’s performance before making up your mind.

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