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Finding The Best Florals: 6 Bridal Bouquet Styles In Singapore To Consider

Choosing the most suitable bridal bouquet in Singapore is just as essential as having the perfect bridal gown. Your ideal bouquet should reflect your personality while following the motif of your wedding. Choose a wedding florist with a great eye and natural flair to help you get the best results.

To help you in choosing the best bridal bouquet in Singapore, here are the most common styles to consider.


The unstructured styleis ideal for beach or garden weddings. The bridal bouquet style in Singaporeis intentionally irregular and formed uniquely, creating a quirky design. If your big day has a modern motif, consider the unstructured style.


If you want showered-look flowers, you can ask your wedding florist to create a cascade bouquet style. This design is the most formal and traditional bridal bouquet. It has a natural and relaxed feel.


The arm sheath bouquet best works for modern-themed weddings because of how the bride should carry it. Due to its long-stemmed flowers and plants, the bride should cradle the bouquet in her arms, unlike the traditional ones.


Generally, a round bridal bouquet style in Singaporeonly has two to three flower types. Its minimal design can provide a calming feel and work well with any bridal gown style, colour, or motif.


If you want a more preppy and trendy style, ask your wedding floristto style a nosegay bouquet. It is a compact cluster of large flowers, stems tightly wrapped, and has satin ribbon finishing touches.


The posy style may be small, but it stands out. This bridal bouquet style in Singapore consists of colour-coordinated flowers, ribbons, and decorations. The flowers commonly used here are tulips, roses, or gerberas.

These six types can help you create a bridal bouquet full of love and style. Also, when choosing a wedding florist, choose one that offers fresh flowers delivery in Singapore. Nothing is more beautiful than vibrant, fragrant, and fresh-cut flowers!

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