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Few of the most-required clothes for a newborn baby – Piece of advice for a mom

Regardless of whether you’re just beginning your baby registry or you’re staring into the wide eyes of your newborn baby, there are high probabilities that you will always feel that you’re missing on few of the wardrobe essentials for your little bundle of joy. If you’ve given birth to your baby a few weeks or may be months back, it goes without saying that you’ll need numerous essential clothes that you have to keep on changing every time your baby pees or wets himself. 

Being a new mom, you must be eagerly looking for cool newborn apparel for your baby which will not only make your baby look cute but also protect him from the temperature outside. We have compiled a list of the new born baby clothes that a new mom should always own. Check them out. 


Bodysuits are actually a complete outfit or they can also be considered as a shirt. Whatever you may want for your new born baby is all that you will get in bodysuits which are also called Onesies. They’re the best form of baby shower gift that you can get and hence it is a good idea to have several Onesies of different sizes so that your growing baby has one at all stages of his growth. As infants keep growing too fast, you will always need these. Both prints and solids will look good on your newborn and make sure you look for those which have got a neck styled in the form of an envelope. 


Do you think that your summer baby won’t require a hat? If yes, think twice. Did you notice that the hospital nurses always put a hat on your new born baby even before they put diapers? There must be a reason behind that. Newborns are extremely vulnerable to cold and hence a hat can easily regulate the temperature of their body. Make sure you own few beanie hats and carry them always when you take them out. The tip can be tied into a knot to make it look stylish. 


Apart from the fact that they’re extremely cute, they’re actually loose T-shirts which have got ties or side snaps which can reduce contact with the sensitive umbilical cord stump of the baby soon after he is born. Moreover as both you and your baby is gradually getting used to dressing, if you can make him wear t-shirts which don’t need to be put over the face of the infant can certainly be a lifesaver. Kimono tops usually come in long and short sleeve options and you can either wear it in the form of a top or on top of a bodysuit. 


When you think of infant socks, consider them as nothing but climate controllers. Irrespective of the month in which the baby was born, you should have several pairs of socks which makes it simple to ensure their tiny feet remain warm. 

Therefore, when you’re a new mom, you should make sure you own all the above mentioned clothes which your new-born baby will definitely need. 

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