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Differences Between A Blanket,

Comforter, Quilt & Duvet Cover

With the winter season in our midst, investing in extra cosy bed linens is a must.

But there are so many choices to choose from – blankets, comforters, quilts or duvet covers? Which one is best for you? And what is the difference between these bed linens?

If you’re like most people, you’re probably confused about these bed covers’ characteristic features. Interchanging the term blanket with quilt or comforter with duvet is extremely common.

In this article, I will be jotting down a detailed comparison between these very unique, very different bedding items.

Let’s start with the most common term of them all.


A blanket is a large single layer bed cover that keeps the user warm and rested throughout the night.

Wool and cotton are the two most common types of materials used to weave and create bed blankets, as these fabrics trap heat, ensuring warmth for hours on end.

Other types of blanket materials used are cashmere, synthetic fibre, fleece and polyester.

Some blankets are also produced with unique materials and may have exotic silk coverings that make them stand out.

Most cotton blankets online have insulative properties which trap heat from the human body, thus keeping the interior of the blanket warm.

In the end, the uses of blankets are similar to those of comforters, quilts and duvet covers, but they all differ when it comes to fabric, thickness, filling and thread count.

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Comforters are thick bed coverings that have different fabrics and fillings as compared to blankets and quilts. These bed covers are usually filled with feathers or synthetic materials like polyester.

These bed linens are quilted or sewn together at all ends to ensure the filling stays in its place.

A comforter is usually utilised by people who live in colder areas. The warmth provided by a comforter depends on the volume and type of inner filling.

Comforters are also available in an array of colours, designers, sizes and patterns.


A quilt is a three-layered bed covering which ensures extra warmth and cosiness to every user.

The top layer consists of patches of different fabrics sewn together. The middle layer consists of the filling and is extremely thick and fluffy. Quilts are usually filled with wool, cotton or polyester. The bottom layer is similar to the top layer and binds the entire quilt together.

These three layers are stitched together by a process known as quilting, making them one single piece of fabric.

Quilts are usually much heavier and thicker than comforters and blankets and can be used to stay warm in chilly winters.

If quilts are made from a 100% cotton filling, they can also be used during summer and spring, since cotton fabric is more breathable.

In some cases, quilts can be embellished or embroidered, making them statement pieces for any home.


A duvet is essentially a pain white comforter which is only filled with down feathers. It acts as a giant pillowcase for the bed and is easy to care for and maintain.

Duvet covers are available in several fabrics such as cotton, polyester, silk and synthetics. They are also available in many styles, patterns, colours and designs.

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