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Batik: Knowing The Patterns And Its Meanings

If you are into clothes, you will notice that batik has entered the fashion industry. Many icons wear it in events, garnering attention from others. You will commonly see them wearing a batik shirt or a modern batik dress. But, there are more to its designs that many people do not know. Here are the names of the patterns and what it symbolises:


If you want to wear batik clothes that show happiness or love, this pattern is for you. Back then, it was for people who were getting married. It could be a wedding dress or a gift.


It is the most common design of batik, and it is the simple dots and lines combination. You will see it on any clothing, even on a batik shirt for a man.


A stars-like pattern is what you will notice in this design, as it represents reawakened love. It is for the parents of people who are getting married.


There are many things that you will see in this design. It could be mountains, flowers, fish, plants, or birds. If you wear a batik shirt with this pattern, it shows leadership, happiness, and authority. But for some, it means to grow, representing its name.


Sometimes confused with the semen pattern, this one does not have the mountain design. It is how you can differentiate it from semen.


It represents the centre of creation from Hindu-Buddhist mythology. You will notice it through its wings-like design. It is common in a modern batik dress.


This pattern is simple. It is the combination of various shapes like squares, rectangles, and circles. Sometimes, stars are also part of it.


You will see it in a batik shirt in Singapore that has a palm fruit design. It represents purity, wisdom, and honesty. It was common for the royal court.

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