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8 Office-Friendly Jewelry Designs That Will Go with Any Styles

The office workplace is not exactly known for being a conducive place to explore your fashion style. A lot of corporate companies follow strict dress codes and for women, that usually means keeping it strictly to the usual blouse and skirt combination.

Wearing jewelry is the harder choice. Have one too-loud accessory and you’d feel like a fish out of water in the land of black suits and beige heels. But don’t worry —we’re here to help you fashionable accessorize your office wears while still being inside the boundaries of company policy.

Here are the eight office-friendly jewelry designs that will suit any outfit you wear:

  1. Isosceles Geometric Gold Dangling Earrings

The trick to wearing jewelry appropriate for the office is to keep the design minimal. That means no flashy colors or textures. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t have any sort of design element in it.

Take a look at these geometric gold dangling earrings. The design is straightforward yet with the added geometric element to it, so your jewelry is far from boring. A mini dangling earring is also great for office wear because it’s stylish without getting in your way as you work.

Since it’s a neutral color, you can wear it with any outfit which makes it a great daily piece of costume jewelry for you to wear.

  1. Two-Chained Necklace

Layering several necklaces on top of each other might step into the casual territory but this two-chained necklace directly fits the corporate brief.

This necklace features a medium-thick snake chain with a thin link chain that sits above it. It creates the illusion of a layered necklace while still keeping it simple and classy. A gold version of this would look excellent against a black blazer and will give off a barely-there look but still emphasizes your skin. Subtle yet effective.

  1. Single Pearl Lariat Necklace

A sting full of pearls might not be appropriate for work unless you’re the CEO or some high-ranking employee but you can get away with wearing a pearl or two.

The single pearl lariat necklace is an elegant example of this. Set on a thin gold chain, it’s dainty enough to emphasize your femininity yet alludes to a striking and assertive aura. Since it’s a lariat necklace, you can adjust the length depending on the neckline of your blouse or dress. If you’re wearing a basic outfit and you want a little more splash of style, wear it longer than you’d usually do and you’re all set.

Pairing this fashion necklace design with a simple flowy white blouse and a black pencil skirt is a classic that you could wear all the time.

  1. Silver Cubic Zirconia Pavé Cuff

For bracelets, sticking to subtle pieces will get you far in the styling department. For example, this silver cubic zirconia pavé bracelet cuff is an essential piece that you could mix and match with other bracelets.

A pavé style also lets you wear sparkly jewelry without going overboard. Since its small stones are set together, it creates a minimalist look without sacrificing the style. You can wear this on your own or layer it with other bracelets.

A handy styling tip: wear bracelet cuffs whenever you’re wearing a light long-sleeved blouse. It helps give gravity to your overall look so you don’t look like you’re flouncing everywhere.

  1. Solid Metal Bracelet Cuff

Remember what we said about layering? Well, this is the perfect piece of jewelry to wear when you needed more bracelets for volume.

A thin metal bracelet cuff is a great layering piece of jewelry to add depth to your style. It might not be the best jewelry out there when worn on its own but it is incredibly versatile that you could wear it with other pieces. Plus, it’s an excellent choice of jewelry for office wear because it’s simple, subtle, and classy.

When wearing this, try to use other styles of bracelets like chains or pavé cuffs to break the monotony and add dimension.

  1. Two-Toned Black and Silver Diamond Twisted Earrings

For office dinner functions when you get to wear fancy dresses and meet important people, you can bring out some of your fancier jewelry. But of course, try to still keep things classy and shy away from loud trends as it is still a workplace event.

Still, it doesn’t mean that you’re sacrificing style for formality. Check out these two-toned black and silver diamond twisted earrings which are really popular nowadays at local and online wholesale fashion earrings shops and fashion boutiques. This design will give you the right amount of dramatic flair to add to your dress while still keeping it elegant and chic.

The black and silver tone can be a better option than your usual gold and silver combination especially when you’re wearing a similar colored dress. After all, wearing black and white is the bread and butter of the corporate dress code and you could easily re-wear this jewelry on any outfit.

  1. Mini Garnet Box Ring

Usually, wearing rings at the workplace is reserved for married people but now, it’s becoming more and more acceptable to wear one without any added affiliation.

If you want to wear a ring accessory but still want to keep the curious eyes away from your life status, then this mini garnet box ring is one of the best designs that you could wear. It’s simple enough that it won’t get mistaken for an engagement or wedding ring and it also allows you to add a pop of color to your outfit.

It’s dainty, chic, and not to mention elegant —which basically ticks off all the office jewelry requirements.

  1. Metal Fishbone Choker Necklace

Wearing a choker at the office can be a hit or miss especially when the style of the choker tends to be on the casual side. However, chokers are really excellent for styling outfits with high necklines. So how would you go about it?

The trick is to choose a choker design that is made out of metal and to stay away from fabric-made chokers like lace and tuille. Take this gorgeous metal fishbone choker for example. It adds a lot to your style but still keeps it classy and appropriate for the office.

Also, it gives off an Olympic wreath vibe which can add a subtle playful tone to your style. You can wear this over a turtleneck or an open-collared blouse for a cute business look.

If you are looking for these recommended designs of office friendly jewelry designs, I will recommend you check some of the popular jewelry stores such as Jared, Harry Winston, JewelryBund and Kendra Scott. Choose some preferred jewelry designs and make your office life lively and fashionably gorgeous.

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